Programme Design – “Spinning Plates”



Programme Design – “Spinning Plates”

I was fortunate to spend a couple of days with Nick Grantham ( last month and he described programme design as “spinning plates”.
I thought this was a brilliant concept and it really summed up the way that we approach programme design with our Elite Performance Pathway programme, especially with the time limitations we have in place at present with some of the younger groups.

When I delivered the From Child to Champion lecture at Hartpury College last week one of the students asked me to expand on how I go about managing a multi-faceted approach to training. Here’s my response…

If you have an interest in strength and conditioning for young athletes and long term athlete development check out this workshop with Ian Jeffrey’s covering his tried and trusted systems for building champion athletes. Building Future Champions – 13th June 2015

Elite Performance Pathway Open Evening 15/04/2015

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Elite Performance Pathway Open Evening

Venue: Sports Pavilion, St. Peter’s High R.C. High School, Stroud Road, Gloucester, GL4 0DD.
Date: 15/04/2015
Time: 6.30pm – 8.30pm

We are running an open evening for the Elite Performance Pathway for current athletes and their parents to attend to review the progress of the programme and to outline the recent developments within the programme.

The evening is also for prospective parents and their sons/daughters that are interested in joining the Elite Performance Pathway to find out what is available to athletes who join the programme.

There will be a presentation on the structure of the programme and a chance to observe a live session with our Key Stage 4 athletes. The athletes and coaches will also be available after to chat to.

Schedule for the evening:

6.30-7.00pm Presentation for Existing Parents
7.00-7.15pm Tea & Coffee
7.15pm-8.00pm Observation of a Key Stage for EPP session
8.00-8.30pm Presentation for Prospective Parents

This is an open event, so you are welcome to bring friends and family members from around the city to come and see what is on offer from the programme.

If you are planning to attend the event please register with us below.

Open Evening

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4 Great S&C Education Resources

4 Great S&C Education Resources

This year I’ve invested quite a lot of time and money in my personal development as a coach. To help other coaches I thought I’d share some great resources I’ve either found that are free or that I’ve paid for.

Lee Taft’s Ground Breaking 2 DVD

Ground Breaking 2

If you’ve not heard of Lee Taft, then I highly recommend you check out his work. He’s a world leader when it comes to the delivery of multi-directional speed. Lee is brilliant at making the complex seem simple, and breaks down all the multi-directional movements you need to know and how to coach them effectively.

EXOS / Nick Winkelman’s – The 0.10 sec Difference


I’m not usually a fan of online courses, but I made an exception when I purchased this one from EXOS and I’m glad I did.

After watching Nick Winkelman present at the UKSCA Conference last year, I was impressed with what he presented about the EXOS systems and wanted to learn a bit more about how they work. The 0.10 sec Difference focuses on linear speed development, specifically in the context of the NFL combine, but that doesn’t mean it doesn’t have application to athletes elsewhere. I have applied and adapted parts of it to work with different groups of athletes to great effect.

The course is broken down in to Acceleration and Absolute Speed providing technical models, error models, drills and coaching cues for both aspects. The beauty of it is that once the course is completed you can still return to the website to re-watch the videos when you need to refresh your memory on anything.


High Performance Training For Sports – David Joyce & Daniel Lewindon

If you haven’t done it already buy this book right now! Chapter after chapter is absolute gold with some of the leading names from around the globe, contributing their expert views across a range of areas. Chapter authors include Rhodri Lloyd covering LTAD, Dan Baker gives a long term approach to developing Strength and Power, Jeremy Sheppard covers Jumping and Landing, Stuart Yule with In Season Training, Sue Falsone covering flexibility and mobility, the list goes on and on.


The Pacey Performance Podcast – Rob Pacey

Any of you who follow me on Twitter, will know I’m a big fan of Rob’s podcast. I regularly chat to Rob and not only is he top bloke, but he’s got some top notch guests on the podcast from around the world including Mike Young, Nick Grantham, Dave O’Sullivan, Ron McKeefery, Tom McLaughlin, Jeremy Sheppard, Mladen Jovanovic. Rob’s nailed the art of interviewing and does a great job asking the questions we all want to ask these guys. Whether you are a student of the game, or a seasoned strength coach you will definitely get something out of these podcasts.