Elite Performance Pathway – 12 months on…

1 year ago almost to the day I embarked on an exciting project called the Elite Performance Pathway with 5 young athletes. The project is quite unique in that it is a project based within a comprehensive school (St. Peter’s R.C. High School, Gloucester) and is delivered in curriculum time in order to support our gifted & talented athletes and help them achieve their sporting dreams.

12 months on I am incredibly proud of what they have achieved with hard work and dedication to their training. The primary focus of the programme has been to develop movement competency and high levels of strength and power required at the highest levels of sport.

In terms of strength we’ve seen progress to levels as high as 1.5 x bodyweight (95kg x 5 reps @ 61.5kg) from an athlete that could not perform a bodyweight squat back in Sept ’13. As a result the same athlete increased his vertical jump height by 17.5cm from September to April and his Standing Broad Jump from 212cm to 250cm from September to July.

Likewise the girls have seen similar levels of progress now lifting in excess of their own bodyweight (80kg Squat @ 69kg & 65kg Squat @ 57kg) resulting in 37cm & 18cm increase in the standing broad jump respectively. These are just the headline figures and the other athletes on the programme have also seen significant development in their athletic ability.

Next week I am extremely excited to welcome the 2014-2015 cohort into the Elite Performance Pathway. In 12 months our programme has grown from 5 athletes, to what I am anticipating to be in the region of 65-75 athletes aged from 11-18 across 4 groups. I can not wait to see what the next 12 months holds.

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EPP SBJ progress
























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