Hip Hinge Teaching Progressions

Hip Hinge Teaching Progressions


Over the last few months I’ve been working with two new groups of athletes within the Elite Performance Pathway at St. Peter’s R.C. High School.

The athletes are all 11-12 years old and there are 15 athletes in one group and 19 in the other which presents logistical challenges when trying to coach and teach them all new movements.

Over the first two half terms we focused on developing Squat, Lunge, Push, Pull and Brace movements and recently we began learning the Hinge.

The first couple of lessons were pretty unproductive with the athletes really struggling to grasp the movement and with such high numbers in the group and only me in there to make adjustments I decided to start playing with some different progressions using an external constraint in the form of a resistance band to help the get a feel for the correct movement.

Having now completed a few sessions using the bands the athletes have progressed much further in terms of nailing this movement down. We’ve also added in a wooden broomstick held across the shoulders (back squat position) to reinforce a retracted shoulder position throughout the hinge.

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