Key Stage 3 “Movement” Scheme of Work

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KS3 Movement Scheme of Work

KS3 Scheme of Work – “Movement” Lessons

I was clearing out some stuff the other day and came across my old school journal from when I was in Year 8 at School. I flicked through it and came across my timetable next to PE it said “Rugby” and the other lesson “Movement”. The latter sparked an idea in my head.

Now I can’t remember what these lessons incorporated all those years ago, but what I do know now is what needs to go into the PE curriculum to build the physical literacy that is lacking for so many of our young people in modern society.

The above brainstorm is my initial concept for a scheme of work that will span the whole of Key Stage 3 in core PE lessons, bringing high quality movement training to the masses and not just the ‘gifted and talented’ pupils we have on the Elite Performance Pathway.

Keep an eye out for more posts as this idea develops further!



My initial concept / brainstorm for a

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