Post camp report

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Firstly a big thank to everyone who made the Proformance Rugby Camp on the 4th of April at St. Peter’s in Gloucester. We had a great day working with the group on a number of different areas.

Following the movement preparation session we started out performance testing where we assessed power, speed and agility with a series of tests. This allow us to establish all the young players current levels and will allow them to gauge their progress as they continue to train and develop.



After testing the groups split into rugby skills and a strength technique session. When learning about strength training it is or paramount importance the young athletes’ develop sound technique with little or no load.



As I’ve described in previous posts we use PVC pipe to establish the fundamentals before progressing on.

The facility we are operate from is set up for junior athletes and the picture below is one of the players training with an aluminium 7.5kg bar and 2.5kg plastic plates.

This equipment allows them to learn safely under low loads before they progress to the heavier olympic bars.



Outside of the gym Jack was working with the groups on key areas of their rugby skills with a lot of emphasis placed on making the right decision at the right time.



The day finished with a session dedicated to improving tackling skills and contact.

There were some great tacklers on display that really impressed the Proformance coaching team.





After a hard days work the lads were all rewarded with their own Proformance training shirts for their hard work both on and off the pitch. Thanks again to everyone who attended we hope to see you all again at the May Half Term Camp!



If you like the look of what you’ve seen tickets for the next Proformance Rugby Camp during May Half Term are on sale now online at

The camp is running Friday May 31st at St. Peter’s School, Gloucester for young rugby players aged U12-U16 – full details are available on our Workshops page