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Child To Champion LTAD Conference 2019

We are very pleased to be able to bring the Child To Champion LTAD Conference for it’s third edition in the UK, providing an unmissable opportunity to learn, share and connect with leaders in the field. We have been working very hard for the last 6 months or so to pull together a group of […]

Child To Champion 2017 – Full Schedule

Child To Champion 2017 – Full Weekend Schedule We are pleased to finally be able to confirm the full schedule of talks and practicals for next weekend’s conference. We are very excited to be bringing together 12 top presenters currently working in the UK, Europe, the US and the Middle East delivering 16 sessions (including […]

Child To Champion – Speaker Focus: Des Ryan

An Insight to The Arsenal Physical Development Framework Des will be providing an insight to the Physical Development Framework he has developed and implemented with his team over the last four years at the Arsenal Academy The talk will provide attendees a detailed insight to the programme and processes in place at the Academy including: The […]

#ChildToChampion – Future Leader Focus: John Radnor

The Influence of Growth and Maturation on Muscle Architecture and Physical Performance. Overview – Throughout childhood and adolescence, children are able to jump higher and sprint faster, but do we know the specific mechanisms behind these improvements in power output? The aim of this talk is to discuss how the alterations in muscle architecture that […]

#ChildToChampion – Future Leader Focus: Matt Depledge

The Application of Growth & Maturation in Academy Football Talk Overview: During this presentation Matt will highlight why understanding growth & maturation and the impact it can have on performance is critical within an Academy football setting. He will then explain non-invasive methods that can be used to accurately ascertain an individual’s maturity status. Following […]

Youth S&C Lecture Slides

Youth S&C Lecture Slides Last week James headed out across the country to Fulham FC and Northumbria University to deliver a series of lectures and practical sessions looking at the application of Youth S&C within a secondary school setting. You can check out the slides from the lecture which covered: Current Issues in Youth Sport […]

Child To Champion – Speaker Focus: Dr. Mike Young

Means and Methods for Eccentric Training  The eccentric capacities of an athlete are increasingly being recognized for their importance in injury reduction and sports performance. Coach Mike Young will present a variety of options for developing eccentric strength and power that he has used over the years. He will provide progressions that can be employed […]