Simplifaster Blog: Eccentric Training & The Younger Athlete

Over the past year I’ve been using the Exxentric kBox3 with a number of athletes in the Elite Performance Pathway LTAD programme at St. Peter’s R.C. High School.

One of the common questions I’ve had about using it is how we’ve introduced it with the younger athletes and where eccentric training in general comes in for our athletes.

So when I was asked by Simplifaster to contribute an article for their blog I decided to provide a detailed overview of the progression of eccentric training in our system and where it fits in the larger training puzzle as the athletes develop and earn the right to progress along through the pathway.

Like with any form of loaded resistance training you need to start by ensuring the athletes has control of their body through basic tranges

You can check out the full article here – Eccentric Training and The Younger Athlete – and if you are interested in incorporating the kBox3 into your training environment whether that is professional sport, a private S&C facility or physiotherapy clinic we are now working with a number of different organisations to help them get set up with the system. Please contact us and we’ll be in touch as soon as possible.