Drop Snatch for Deceleration

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Drop Snatch for Deceleration

The Drop Snatch is an excellent tool to use as a progression to teach the Olympic Lifts as part of a bigger sequence. I tend to teach the Snatch using a top down approach going from Overhead Squat first to check they can get in to the correct position, then the Drop Snatch to get the speed under the bar and to be able to consistently hit the catch position. From there I teach the second pull (or Jump Shrug) and then I link it all up into the Snatch from Hip.

Another big reason for me including it in a programme is the fact that it is a great exercise to enhance an athletes ability to decelerate the whole body which is a vital component of optimising multi-directional speed and agility.

To further assist in developing the athlete’s ability to decelerate I also utilise a comination bilateral and unilateral altitude landings along with linear and lateral leaping and hopping progressions with a focus on sticking & holding landings. Before heading into specific deceleration and re-acceleration agility drills (utilising various stopping positions – e.g. forward/reverse lunge stop, lateral shuffle, universal athletic ready in static & dynamic forms)

Drop Snatch Technical points:

1) Feet hip width
2) Bar on the shoulders, hands in snatch grip position
3) Drop down into an overhead squat position, feet go from hip width to shoulder width & feet at 5 to 1 position
4) Lock out the arms above your head as you descend.
5) Bar should finish above the crown of the head, weight should be through your heels at the bottom.
6) Squat the bar back to standing, reset to the start position and repeat.

Olympic Lifting: Clean from Thigh to Split Jerk

Olympic Lifting is a great tool for developing power (or more specifically strength-speed & speed-strength) this complex using 3 x clean from thigh and 2 x split jerk is something I use frequently.

Getting an athletes technically proficient in Olympic Lifting does require a significant amount of time, so depending on your athlete and how quickly they can pick it up you might decide to use alternative exercises completely or these derivatives of the full lifts.

A lift like the Clean from Thigh takes out the more technically demanding 1st pull and transition phases but allow the athlete to benefit from significantly loading the athlete through triple extension.

Clean from Thigh

1) Start position

  • Hook grip, thumbs distance from the edge of the rough part of the bar
  • Bar rests on the mid thigh
  • Weight through the mid foot
  • Shoulders over bar, elbows pointing along the bar
  • Feet hip width apart

2) Second Pull

  • Jump – powerful triple extension of the ankle, knee and hip
  • Weight up on to the toes
  • Shrug – violent shrug slightly after the triple extension
  • Keep the elbows relaxed to allow the bar to come up close to the body

3) Catch

  • Drop under the bar
  • Feet split from hip width out to a front squat position
  • Elbows rotate under the bar catching on the shoulders at the same time as the feet contact the ground
  • Weight through the heels.
  • Front Squat the bar back up to standing

Split Jerk

Bar rests on the shoulders, keep the elbows high through the drive phase
Feet hip width
Dip & drive from the legs, dropping under the bar splitting the feet into the lunge position
Feet should remain hip width throughout for stability – front foot flat, back foot on the toes.
Bar should finish above the line of the head
To finish, bring the front foot backward then the back foot forwards.