Stuff You Need to Read!

Stuff You Need to Read!

There are obviously some super busy bloggers right now as I’ve seen some great stuff popping up on Twitter and Facebook. Here’s a few I’ve picked out:

A Coaches’ Guide to Strength Development –

speed training

Stu McMillan’s Blog is an awesome resource to check out for some great information relating to training for strength, power and speed. He recently posted a 5 part series on strength development and it’s something you’ve got to read packed full of quality info, check it out below: – A Coaches’ Guide to Strength Development Part 1 – A Coaches’ Guide to Strength Development Part 2 – A Coaches’ Guide to Strength Development Part 3 – A Coaches’ Guide to Strength Development Part 4 – A Coaches’ Guide to Strength Development Part 5


6 Reasons Why All Athletes Should SPRINT

A nice article by Mike Young summarising the benefits of sprinting for all athletes – check it out: Mike Young’s – 6 Reasons Why All Athletes Should Sprint


CHAOS Training Revisited –

Nick recently posted up a link to previous blog of his own and a nice journal article looking at agility training for more experienced athletes making use of the CHAOS style of training! Well worth a read – CHAOS Training Revisited


5 lessons learnt from the top!


Having had the pleasure of spending a good chunk of time chatting to and observing 3 coaches of the highest order – Nick Grantham (@coachnickg), Mike Young (@mikeyoung) and Ian Jeffreys – over the last few months I’ve picked out 5 things/characteristics they all shared:

1) They do basics extremely well, consistently over time and don’t over complicate programmes.

2) They have an incredible understanding of human performance & movement but understand the difference between what they need to know and what their athletes need to know to get better. They don’t confuse athletes by communicating too much high level info or over coaching. In the words of Nick Grantham “Don’t be a fridge” – the fridge makes noise constantly but no one hears it.

3) All 3 of these guys showed everyone at the workshops an incredible willingness to share all of their knowledge to help other people grow & learn. But the message was clear – to become a great coach you have to be out there APPLYING what you have learnt in workshops, forums, books and journals not just sat in an office/uni learning centre reading them.

4) “Don’t shoot a bullet until you need to” a bit of coaching gold from Mike Young – you might read about or learn a load of new stuff on a workshop. Particularly on Mike’s Strength & Power workshop he demonstrated some squat variations I’d not seen before – Rhythm Squats, 3 step squats – it’s important to understand when is actually the right time to incorporate different elements and if they are still responding to basic training, save that variation until you really need it!

5) Whatever environment you work in a private facility, professional sport a school it is absolutely critical that you get buy in from the other coaches, athletes and teachers, who ever your boss is. Without their buy in that amazing programme is worthless. To get this it is essential to start looking at this from the other person’s point of view – what benefits do they want to see and put it in terms they understand and appreciate. Chances are they won’t care about you telling them you can increase their 1RM by 20%, but they will care if you tell them you can make them/their athletes jump higher on the pitch increasing their likelihood of success on the pitch.

These were just a few from an absolute ton of coaching gold that these guys brought to share over the course of the time they were with us, and a massive thank you to them for their willingness to help other coaches get better.

We we are currently working on putting together some new workshops  for  later in the year and early 2016. For those of you who want to engage in more coaching discussions we have also launched a new online forum for any coaches to join that want to have the opportunity to discuss and share ideas they’ve learnt either at our workshops or in their everyday practise.

A Guide to Getting a Job In S&C


A Guide to Getting a Job in S&C

If you are a regular reader of the site you’ll remember a few months back we posted a video by Keir Wenham-Flatt ( about his seminars on how to get a job in S&C.

I’ve been chatting to Keir on and off over the last few months and he’s been working hard on a new project to provide S&C coaches with opportunities to learn from some of the leading minds from around the S&C industry but probably more crucially in this highly competitive industry he’s putting as much effort into helping people learn how to develop their career and crack that biggest challenge of all to aspiring coaches getting your first job!

You can check out Keir’s video guide here –





4 Great S&C Education Resources

4 Great S&C Education Resources

This year I’ve invested quite a lot of time and money in my personal development as a coach. To help other coaches I thought I’d share some great resources I’ve either found that are free or that I’ve paid for.

Lee Taft’s Ground Breaking 2 DVD

Ground Breaking 2

If you’ve not heard of Lee Taft, then I highly recommend you check out his work. He’s a world leader when it comes to the delivery of multi-directional speed. Lee is brilliant at making the complex seem simple, and breaks down all the multi-directional movements you need to know and how to coach them effectively.

EXOS / Nick Winkelman’s – The 0.10 sec Difference


I’m not usually a fan of online courses, but I made an exception when I purchased this one from EXOS and I’m glad I did.

After watching Nick Winkelman present at the UKSCA Conference last year, I was impressed with what he presented about the EXOS systems and wanted to learn a bit more about how they work. The 0.10 sec Difference focuses on linear speed development, specifically in the context of the NFL combine, but that doesn’t mean it doesn’t have application to athletes elsewhere. I have applied and adapted parts of it to work with different groups of athletes to great effect.

The course is broken down in to Acceleration and Absolute Speed providing technical models, error models, drills and coaching cues for both aspects. The beauty of it is that once the course is completed you can still return to the website to re-watch the videos when you need to refresh your memory on anything.


High Performance Training For Sports – David Joyce & Daniel Lewindon

If you haven’t done it already buy this book right now! Chapter after chapter is absolute gold with some of the leading names from around the globe, contributing their expert views across a range of areas. Chapter authors include Rhodri Lloyd covering LTAD, Dan Baker gives a long term approach to developing Strength and Power, Jeremy Sheppard covers Jumping and Landing, Stuart Yule with In Season Training, Sue Falsone covering flexibility and mobility, the list goes on and on.


The Pacey Performance Podcast – Rob Pacey

Any of you who follow me on Twitter, will know I’m a big fan of Rob’s podcast. I regularly chat to Rob and not only is he top bloke, but he’s got some top notch guests on the podcast from around the world including Mike Young, Nick Grantham, Dave O’Sullivan, Ron McKeefery, Tom McLaughlin, Jeremy Sheppard, Mladen Jovanovic. Rob’s nailed the art of interviewing and does a great job asking the questions we all want to ask these guys. Whether you are a student of the game, or a seasoned strength coach you will definitely get something out of these podcasts.




2015 “Meeting of the Minds” Conference

2015 conf-1

2015 “Meeting of the Minds” Conference

In case you’ve not seen this yet I wanted to share it with you, I’ve just booked up to this online conference being run by Brendan Chaplin and his team of coaches.

I am sure you are as excited as me when you see the list of the people you could be learning from in what is quite possibly the year’s best conference line up….

Here are the twelve master coaches, set to hit your computer screens in March 2015!

The guest of honour: one of the world’s foremost experts in Strength and Conditioning

Director of Education for EXOS

One of the world-leading experts in GPS and performance monitoring

World-class strength and conditioning coach to Olympic athletes

Women’s Head Coach at USA Gymnastics World (previous National Director of Education for the National Strength and Conditioning Association, Colorado Springs)

Senior strength and conditioning coach with the English Institute of Sport and coach with the England Hockey Programme at Bishop Abbey


Writer, athlete and coach (played in All-America baseball team)


Head of Athletic Performance at the Greater Western Sydney Giants in the Australian Football League

Former college strength and conditioning coach (former director of the Total Performance Training Centres in Michigan)

Head Strength and Conditioning Coach at Glasgow Warriors.

Nationally recognised leader in the area of sports development (awarded “Under Armor Collegiate Strength and Conditioning Coach of the Year” by the Professional Football Strength and Conditioning Society)

I’m sure you will agree this is a phenomenal line up and even better for a busy coach is the fact you don’t have to find time or have the expense of travelling across the country to see them.

Included in the package are recordings of all the conference presentations which means you’ll be refer back to them at a later date!


Pacey Performance Podcast – Football Special Edition

Pacey Performance Podcast – Football Special Edition

Featuring Nick Grantham, Ross Burbeary and Nathan Winder

I had the pleasure yesterday of having a great chat on the phone with Rob Pacey, host of the Pacey Performance Podcast. He’s pulled together some phenomenal interviews with a number of world class coaches! It’s well worth listening to in order to gain an insight into the minds of some of leading coaches in our industry.

Check out all the podcasts either on iTunes or on Rob’s website –

If you are interested in developing your career and your coaching network whilst learning more from Nick Grantham join him at our CPD workshops for S&C coaches, PTs and Sports Coaches on February 21st and 22nd in Gloucester.

The full details and booking information are available on the following links.

Physical Prep for Performance – 21/2/2015 (Full Day):

Sessions include: The art & science of coaching, Programme Design 101 / Goldilocks Principle, Core Concepts – Reducing Energy Leaks & Metabolic Mayhem: Modern Methods of Energy System Development.

Speed, Agility and Change of Direction – 22/2/2015 (0.5 day)

There is also a MEGA bundle deal available that has the above two workshops plus a full day workshop on Youth S&C System / LTAD with Ian Jeffreys on 13/6/15 which is only £145 for all 3 workshops, there are only 5 of these tickets available.

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