Webinar Series #5 Brett Bartholomew – Building Buy-In


Webinar Series #5 Brett Bartholomew – Building Buy-In


Following a great webinar by Nick Grantham last week, we’re keeping up momentum with another great opportunity to learn from another leader in the field of S&C – Brett Bartholomew (formerly of EXOS, now at Unbreakable out in LA)

Building Buy-In will offer you an opportunity to learn strategies to build better relationships with your athletes and how “Building Buy-In” became a big part of Brett’s coaching philosophy to complement his programme design methods.

Brett will be discussing how you can go about communicating more effectively with athletes by giving consideration to learning and communication styles in order to get everyone on the same page.

This promises to be an outstanding opportunity to develop your skill set through the webinar series, you can watch it for the next 7 days below:

If you’ve enjoyed the webinar series so far, why not check out our upcoming live events:

Upcoming UK based event: Child To Champion: LTAD conference in the UK (Apr 9-10th)

Upcoming US based event: High Performance Athletic Development Clinic feat. Boo Schexnayder (May 28-29th) @ Athletic Lab, Cary, NC.



Webinar Series #4 Nick Grantham- ‘Computer Says No!’

Nick Grantham Webinar – ‘Computer Says No!’


On Thursday evening Nick Grantham delivered a webinar for us looking at the impact technology has had on coaching and shared his experiences (good and bad) working with a range of sports using all kinds of technology. I’ll share specific examples from his work with Olympic Gymnasts, International Netball and Basketball teams, professional football (EPL) and professional golf.

The question that Nick posed at the start of the webinar was, Have we forgotten how to coach?

Some coaches may be in danger of forgetting how to coach, influenced by numbers they forget that there’s an athlete behind the data.

Check out the webinar below and let us know what us know what you think.




Webinar Series #1 Dr Mike Young – Motor Learning Concepts

Dr Mike Young – Motor Learning Concepts All Coaches Should Know & Understand



Mike will be presenting on 3 areas at the Child to Champion: LTAD Conference on the 9th and 10th April in Gloucester. Where he is joined by other leaders from the field of S&C, including Dr. Rhodri Lloyd, Dr. Ian Jeffreys and Dr. Neill Potts. We are fortunate to have them all coming to present tried and tested systems and training methods that have been successfully applied at all stages of the developmental continuum from primary school right through to the elite international level. Find out more here!


Pacey Performance Webinar Series



Pacey Performance Webinar Series

Here at Proformance we are big fans of the Pacey Performance Podcast and the work Rob is doing to share great information from top practitioners around the world.

The great news is he has just started out on a new venture providing even more top quality info in the form of a webinar series using an in-depth case study approach.

In this webinar with Dan Baker, who has had a big influence on our training philosophy, they will be drilling down in to the finer details of the programme Dan had in place at the Brisbane Broncos between 2006 and 2013.

For us as coaches this is an invaluable opportunity to find out how the scientific research has been applied in a specific scenario which will certainly have elements that we will all be able to apply to our own coaching environment.