An Integrated Approach to LTAD workshop

An Integrated Approach to LTAD workshop

In April James Baker and Dr. Mike Young headed back to the UK to deliver a brand new workshop focused on the Proformance Long Term Athletic Development (LTAD) Pathway.

The workshop was a huge success with 40 coaches coming from across the UK and Europe to learn about the LTAD curriculum James and Mike have been developing into a resource to help clubs, schools and private facilities around the world develop and implement their own athletic development pathway.

When asked about the workshop, James explained the motivation behind it:

“We’ve been regularly contacted over the past 4-5 years by people wanting to learn more about what we have developed and implemented from a LTAD perspective. With particular interest in the academy and schools based programmes as that sector continues to grow. But it’s just not possible or practical to explain that process in an email. So we set about developing an entire resource through the LTAD Hub and the workshop we delivered is the hands-on practical component that goes with it. Dedicating a whole weekend to the content we’ve been able to give a much deeper insight to the process than ever before.”

The workshop took attendees through the three progressive phases of our LTAD pathway: Foundation (age 10-12 years), Development (age 13-15) and Performance (age 16+).

Covering age and stage appropriate progressions within the key areas highlighted for development within the Youth Physical Development model: Strength, Power, Speed and Agility. There were theory and practical sessions to provide the underpinning knowledge around key areas such as Growth and Maturation that are critical to understand when working with young athletes.

If you missed the workshop you can now purchase the full workshop video set as a standalone on-demand product through our Vimeo On-Demand page.

Alternatively, you can join our growing international community of clubs and schools by signing up to our LTAD Hub to access the workshop videos plus a year round programme, session plans, exercise videos, coach and teacher friendly resources, 20+ hours of video in our Expert Insights from our Child To Champion Conferences.

If you are interested in hosting a LTAD workshop at your club, school or facility email James Baker at to discuss it further.

5 lessons learnt from the top!


Having had the pleasure of spending a good chunk of time chatting to and observing 3 coaches of the highest order – Nick Grantham (@coachnickg), Mike Young (@mikeyoung) and Ian Jeffreys – over the last few months I’ve picked out 5 things/characteristics they all shared:

1) They do basics extremely well, consistently over time and don’t over complicate programmes.

2) They have an incredible understanding of human performance & movement but understand the difference between what they need to know and what their athletes need to know to get better. They don’t confuse athletes by communicating too much high level info or over coaching. In the words of Nick Grantham “Don’t be a fridge” – the fridge makes noise constantly but no one hears it.

3) All 3 of these guys showed everyone at the workshops an incredible willingness to share all of their knowledge to help other people grow & learn. But the message was clear – to become a great coach you have to be out there APPLYING what you have learnt in workshops, forums, books and journals not just sat in an office/uni learning centre reading them.

4) “Don’t shoot a bullet until you need to” a bit of coaching gold from Mike Young – you might read about or learn a load of new stuff on a workshop. Particularly on Mike’s Strength & Power workshop he demonstrated some squat variations I’d not seen before – Rhythm Squats, 3 step squats – it’s important to understand when is actually the right time to incorporate different elements and if they are still responding to basic training, save that variation until you really need it!

5) Whatever environment you work in a private facility, professional sport a school it is absolutely critical that you get buy in from the other coaches, athletes and teachers, who ever your boss is. Without their buy in that amazing programme is worthless. To get this it is essential to start looking at this from the other person’s point of view – what benefits do they want to see and put it in terms they understand and appreciate. Chances are they won’t care about you telling them you can increase their 1RM by 20%, but they will care if you tell them you can make them/their athletes jump higher on the pitch increasing their likelihood of success on the pitch.

These were just a few from an absolute ton of coaching gold that these guys brought to share over the course of the time they were with us, and a massive thank you to them for their willingness to help other coaches get better.

We we are currently working on putting together some new workshops  for  later in the year and early 2016. For those of you who want to engage in more coaching discussions we have also launched a new online forum for any coaches to join that want to have the opportunity to discuss and share ideas they’ve learnt either at our workshops or in their everyday practise.

Building Future Champions – Pre-Event Details

Ian Jeffreys

Ian Jeffreys – Building Future Champions

We are hope you are looking forward to this event as much as we are!

It promises to be a phenomenal experience working up close and personal with Ian as he brings a vast amount of experience from years of training junior athletes.

Please arrive for 9.15am with the start scheduled for 9.30am

Schedule for the day:

9.15am – Welcome & Introduction
9.30-10.15am – The Need for LTAD
10.15-10.30am – Break
10.30-12noon – The Future Champions system – a flexible objectives based approach to developing the modern athlete
12.00-12.45pm – Lunch
12.45-1.15pm – Developing Effective Future Champions sessions
1.15-2.15pm – Developing Effective GameForce
2.15-3.30pm – Developing Effective Gamespeed
3.30-3.45pm – Break
3.45-4.30pm – Developing Effective Game-metabolism
4.30-5.00pm – Putting it all together

How to find us

By Car

St. Peter’s High School is on Stroud Road, Gloucester, GL4 0DD

Address: Sports Pavilion, St. Peter’s High School, Stroud Road, Gloucester GL4 0DD.


On Arrival at St. Peter’s:

Upon driving into the main car park, drive towards the main steps and follow the road around to the right. Follow the side road down to the bottom car park and park near the tennis courts. The Sports Pavilion is visible behind the tennis courts, use the glass fronted entrance and we will be registering upstairs in the Pavilion suite.

By Train

The nearest train station is Gloucester – please see for train times.

Should you have any issues on the day then please contact James Baker on 07730608188

Food & Drink

We will provide light refreshments in the form of water & fruit with Tea & Coffee available over lunchtime as well.

Lunch is not provided, so please be prepared and bring your own lunch.

There is an Esso garage & Co-op nearby should you need to go and pick up lunch during the breaks.

Mobile Phones

Please note attendees are not permitted to either film video footage or record audio from any of the sessions with the workshops. Anyone who is found doing so will be asked to leave the event.

If you have any questions between now and the event or any issues on the day please either contact James Baker on 07730608188.

We look forward to seeing you this weekend.


Mike Young – Off-Season & In-Season Training for Football

Check out this great presentation by Dr. Mike Young on In-season vs Off-season Football Training that he delivered whilst in Dublin last year.

We are very fortunately to have Mike joining us to deliver an exclusive workshop in the UK which will be a combination of lecture and hands-on workshop over 2 days. Mike will be sharing his thoughts on how to integrate all of the sports sciences (motor learning, physiology, biomechanics, muscle mechanics, training theory) to develop speed and power.  The workshop will be appropriate for athletes and coaches in both individual and team sports.

If you like what you’ve seen and want to be a part of this unmissable event you can book your place right here.


Mike Young – An Integrated Approach to Speed & Power Development

mike young athletic lab

Mike Young – An Integrated Approach to Speed & Power Development

Be part of a unique & exclusive event that sees world renowned fitness coach Mike Young deliver his first UK workshop over two days with Proformance Strength & Conditioning at Hartpury College.

Mike will be walking you through his integrated approach to developing speed and power with his athletes.

Workshop 1: An Integrated Science Based Approach to Speed Development 

  1. Fundamental concepts of speed (90 min lecture)
  2. Motor learning based drills, cues and strategies for a powerful acceleration
  3. Motor learning based drills, cues and strategies for maximizing top end speed
  4. Fundamental concepts for enhancing deceleration, change of direction and agility (60 min lecture)
  5. Drills & skills for deceleration and stopping efficiently
  6. Learning to change direction at speed
  7. Considerations for developing sport appropriate speed, reaction and change of direction training
Workshop 2: Building a Bigger Engine for Speed and Power
  1. Fundamental considerations for strength & conditioning for athletes (60 minute lecture)
  2. Squat, press, pull teaching progressions
  3. Olympic lifting teaching progressions
  4. Understanding the role of strength and power development for speed (45 minute lecture)
  5. Special and specific strength methods to enhance accelerative power
  6. Plyometric methods to enhance low end power for acceleration
  7. Specific exercises and methods to enhance eccentric power for top speed
  8. Plyometric methods to enhance leg stiffness for top speed
  9. Modifying olympic lift movements for speed development
  10. Specific plyometric exercises to enhance accelerative and lateral power
  11. Using complexes to enhance neuromuscular stimulus
  12. Designing the session (could be lecture or workshop style)

This really is an unmissable event for any S&C coaches working in Europe.

A rare opportunity to learn from a world leader when it comes to power and speed development. 

If that’s not enough… check out the VIP package which includes access to the VIP dinner on the evening of Saturday 30th May with Mike Young and the other VIP coaches which will offer your an incredible learning and networking opportunity (venue TBC).

We look forward to seeing you in May!


If you’ve not seen any of Mike’s phenomenal slideshares check out the links below:

A sneak peak for this weekend…

Physical Preparation for Performance

We are all set! All the finishing touches have been applied and we can’t wait to get into the first of our workshop series running in 2015…

Here is a sneak peak for what the weekend ahead holds for those coaches enrolled with us for a weekend learning with Nick Grantham! Check it out!


Nick Grantham Q&A Session

imageNick Grantham – Q&A Session

OK so we’re just 2 weeks away from Nick Grantham’s workshops in Gloucestershire, and to say we’re excited is an understatement!

At the end of the Physical Preparation for Performance on the Saturday we are running a Q&A session where you will have to opportunity to ask Nick any questions you have about what has been covered through the day and any other S&C related questions.

Nick’s career spans 17 years and 4 Olympic cycles where he has been trusted to prepare elite athletes from 35 different sports. So you don’t want to miss this opportunity to have your S&C questions answered by one of the country’s leading coaches!

So… what we want to know is what are YOUR questions for Nick?

Send us your questions either via twitter to @proformanceteam using the hashtag #NickGQandA or by posting your questions to the comments box below on this page and we will get Nick to answer them on the day.

If you’ve still not booked your place on the workshops, now is the time to do it as we only have a couple of places left available for both Physical Preparation for Performance and the Speed, Agility & Change of Direction we look forward to seeing you there! 





Earlier this month we Nick GranthamIan Jeffreyslaunched the incredible MEGA bundle giving you 3 awesome workshops with 2 world class coaches – Nick Grantham & Ian Jeffreys (worth £225 at the full prices seperately).

Needless to say they got snapped up in record time!

Those coaches who took action are now looking forward to enjoying 2.5 days of incredible learning from two of the UK’s leading S&C coaches made up of the following workshops:

Workshop 1: Nick Grantham’s Physical Preparation for Performance: An Athletic Approach (21/2/2015)

Workshop 2: Nick Grantham’s Speed, Agility & Change of Direction Clinic (0.5 Day – 22/2/2015)

Workshop 3: Ian Jeffrey’s Future Champions (13/06/2015)

Within hours of the last MEGA bundle being SOLD OUT I had received a number of emails from coaches who had missed out! I sat and thought about it for an hour and why I set out on this workshop venture and it is because I wanted to provide coaches in this region and surrounding regions the chance to learn from the best coaches from around the world without having the expense of travelling the globe to see them.

I remain 100% committed to doing that! So I’ve decided to extend the MEGA bundle deal…

For those of you out there that missed out and are dedicated to getting better as a coach & are ready to take ACTION now to get your place…

We have 5 MEGA BUNDLE tickets available will give you access to ALL 3 workshops for just £145 a HUGE saving of £80! That’s less than £50 per workshop which I know you will agree is an absolute bargain!

When they are gone, they are gone and this is definitely the last time they will be available at this price. The last bundle deal was sold out in just over 3 days so don’t hang about if you are considering booking! 




Physical Preparation for Performance

Speed, Agility & Change of Direction Clinic

Rugby Strength Coach: How To Get A Job in S&C


Rugby Strength Coach: How To Get A Job in S&C

Keir Wenham-Flatt is the Strength & Conditioning Coach for the Pumas, and is back in the UK this December delivering 4 seminars on how to get a job in the highly competitive and crowded Strength & Conditioning industry.

Keir’s rise within the industry has meteoric from intern to international S&C coach in just 3 years, so get yourself to his seminars and find out how he did it!

Book on to Keir’s seminars here –

Keir has also teamed up with Nick Grantham, who is running workshops with us in February, to raise money for Marie Curie Cancer Care and the UKSCA’s Richard Holme Memorial Fund. Every person that signs up will also get a FREE copy of Nick’s book “You’re Hired: An Insider’s Guide to Becoming a Strength & Conditioning Coach” because Keir is donating £10 for every booking to these two great causes.


Nick Grantham Workshops – Core Training Concepts



Nick Grantham Workshops:
Physical Preparation for Performance
21st Feb 2014


Today we are looking at what you can expect from each session during the Nick Grantham workshops in February

Nick Grantham Workshops –  Session 4: Core Training Concepts – Reducing Energy Leaks

In this practical session Nick will focus on how to develop a strong and stable core through a combination of horizontal and vertical bridging and stabilisation exercises, rotational and anti-rotational core training exercises and ‘uninhibited’ strength and power exercise. Sorry – no crunches or ab-cradles allowed! This session will show you why traditional approaches are often ineffective and why a more athletic approach focusing on body control and activation will help boost performances and improve your clients athletic ability.

A limited number of spaces are available at the Early Bird Price of £75 or get the weekend bundle including the 0.5 day Speed Clinic for only £100.