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Child to Champion USA – Online Conference

Online Conference – April 25-26 2020

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Helping you develop young athletes into high level performers

After 4 years of highly successful events in the UK we are extremely excited to bring the Child To Champion event to the United States for the first time in a brand new online format.

Must attend event for S&C Coaches

The Child To Champion event has grown into the a must attend event for:

  • Strength and conditioning coaches
  • Sports coaches
  • PE teachers

And anyone responsible for developing youth athletes into high level performers.

Leading S&C Practitioners & Researchers

Through the event we have brought together leading S&C practitioners and researchers providing you the opportunity to learn from leaders in the field and enhance your pathways and programs for your athletes.

View speakers

If you work in a professional sports team, local sports club, school or Centre of Excellence you will not want to miss this opportunity:

  • Learn & share with other S&C professionals
  • Connect with leaders in the field
  • Join a community of coaches passionate about the development of young athletes.

Child to Champion USA 2020 Schedule

Sessions covering a range of topics from leader in the field of LTAD, find out what’s in-store at the CTC USA Online Conference 2020.

S&C Theory Session at Child to Champion

A lovely mix of practical and theory and real world experience…

“Child To Champion was the best conference I have been at as a speaker and attendee in years. You have pulled together a lovely mix of practical and theory and real world experience. Take a bow!”
Paudie Roche (Arsenal FC, EPL)

Don’t miss out, get your tickets

Be part of Child to Champion USA Online, April 25-26. 2 days of lectures from world leading practitioners and researchers.


Learn exactly what needs to be developed at different stages of the pathway to produce elite level athletes.

Providing you with all the knowledge and tools you need to build well-rounded athletes, that are well prepared for the road ahead.

From foundation to advanced S&C development

Participate in a range of sessions taking you right from foundation level training for youth athletes to advanced methods of developing strength, power, speed and agility, injury rehabilitation and holistic athlete development curriculums.

How to analyse and improve young athletes

Learn how to assess, monitor and utilize growth and maturation data with developing athletes. Helping them, their parents and coaches better understand their training needs and current levels of performance.

Highlight video from Child To Champion 2019

Online Conference Platform

With the coronavirus situation curtailing the live event at Athletic Lab back in March we have moved the conference to an online format so we can still deliver the fantastic CPD opportunity we had planned!

To participate in the sessions you will need to download and install the Zoom application to your laptop or mobile device.

Get it at www.zoom.us

Informative, well-delivered presentations & practicals…

“A great weekend at the #ChildToChampion conference! Informative, well-delivered presentations & practicals with great innovative ideas that have made me excited to get back to work! Thank you to the presenters and organisers!”
Ruth Taylor (Marlborough College, Malaysia)

Our Speakers

Leading practitioners and researchers in S&C and Long Term Youth Athlete Development



Mike brings the unique qualities of being a nationally recognized researcher, coach, and educator.

His depth of knowledge and experience in the field of athletic development is evidenced by his stays at all three U.S. Olympic Training Centers as an athlete, sport scientist and coach.

Twitter: @MikeYoung



A highly recognised expert in the field of Youth Athletic Development.

Joe is a diverse scholar-practitioner with 25 years of experience as a professor, researcher, sport scientist, coach educator, strength & conditioning coach, and youth sports coach.

Twitter: @Joe_Eisenmann



James has over 10 years experience developing young athletes into elite performers across a range of team and individual sports.

His work received national recognition when he was awarded the UKSCA’s S&C Coach of the Year for Youth Sport in 2017.

Twitter: @jamesbaker_8



Dr. Laura McDonald is a Biomechanist, Athletic Trainer, and Certified Strength and Conditioning Specialist with 15 years of research experience in the area of softball pitching biomechanics. As a former Division I pitcher at Canisius College, Laura’s own struggles with shoulder injury fuelled her passion for pursuing biomechanics and injury risk reduction in softball pitchers. Prior to joining S2Breakthrough, Laura worked in higher education as a professor in undergraduate Athletic Training and Exercise Science programs.

Twitter: @LauraATC



Krista Stoker attended Washington University in St. Louis, where she served as team captain and outfielder on the softball team which included a second-place finish in the 2007 Division III World Series. Krista’s coaching experience spans the youth, high school, and college levels and she currently serves as the General Manager for the Orland Park A’s and Head Coach of the 16U Premier team. She also is responsible for hitting instruction and development at S2 Breakthrough.

Twitter: @krista_stoker



Micheál serves as the Vice President of Performance and Sports Science at Athlete Training and Health (ATH), located in Texas, USA. Micheál has previously worked as the Director of Sports Science at Jesuit College in Dallas, catering for the needs of 750 athletes from 21 sports from 2013 – 2018. Micheál completed his undergraduate and Master’s degrees in Ireland before obtaining his PhD at Auckland University of Technology, New Zealand focusing on acceleration and resisted sprinting in young athletes, where he is currently a Research Associate supervising postgraduate research across an array of area’s in performance, fitness and health.

Twitter: @MCahillPhD



Michael has nearly 10 years of experience teaching and coaching at every level. He has a master’s degree in both Secondary Education & Exercise Physiology. Michael is a proponent of physical literacy, long term athletic development & the holistic development/education of all students. Currently he works with the educational service provider, Athlos, as the Director of Healthy Body. Here, he is dedicated to redefining physical education & youth sport through developing innovative curriculum & providing professional development/support for physical educators & coaches in all thing’s movement, fitness, physical activity, social & emotional learning, and youth development.

Twitter: @THEschmike



Johnny is Senior Manager of Player ID and Development for the United States Tennis Association. He oversees the training structure for 15 and under athletes across the USA building the connection between athlete, coach and parent. As a Master Tennis Performance Specialist (MTPS), Johnny’s area of expertise is using a holistic approach to link Athletic Development to Tennis Skill Development. In previous roles, Johnny’s experience spans from working in multiple countries from the foundation with grass roots, to development with junior performance, as well as coaching professional tennis players. Hailing from Great Britain, he played college tennis at the University of New Mexico from 2005-2009 and earned a Masters Degree in Sport Management.

Twitter: @johnnyparkes1
Instagram: @johnny_parkes

Wendy Glover


Leaders in Exercise and Athletics Program (LEAP)
Catholic Central High School

As a multi-sport athlete, Wendy Glover chose to pursue playing soccer in university. It was there that she focused on Kinesiology, Child Development, and becoming a Health and Physical Education Teacher/Coach. Upon entering the field, she has dedicated her 20+ year career to approaching teen athletes as future contributors to sport through education, community involvement, and mentorship. She has written Health and Wellness, and Sport Management courses for the Ontario Ministry of Education, and many programs to support the holistic development of the athlete. Over 400+ AthLeaders have been through this program and have been empowered to contribute to sport in Canada. Wendy is also a Mentor Coach with the Coach Association of Ontario.

Creating Future Coaches, Officials, and Sport Developers with Teens Aged 15-18.

Wendy wanted to improve the coaching community. She created an innovative #AthLeadership program to recruit and train teen athletes to be future coaches in the province of Ontario.

Learn how she developed pathways for all athletes regardless of ability in 10th-12th grade that want to be leaders through sport in their community.

AthLeaders assist in HPE classes, with youth sport teams, get certified as coaches, and officials, and organize local tournaments, sports camps, and charitable events. Gaining coach certification is the foundation, leading to much community involvement.

Through this program AthLeaders gain many industry certifications, and dozens of volunteer community service hours in areas of sport individualized for them. Over 400+ athletes have been through this program and have been empowered to contribute to sport in Canada.

Twitter: @DevelopAthletes

Lee Taft


Lee Taft is known to most simply as “The Speed Guy”, is highly respected as one of the top athletic movement specialist in the world. The last 30 years he has devoted the majority of his time training multi-directional speed to all ages and abilities. He has spent much of this time teaching his multi-directional speed methods to top performance coaches and fitness professionals all over the world. Lee has also dedicated countless hours mentoring up and coming sports performance trainers, many who have gone into the profession and made a big impact themselves.

Talk: How to Assess Multi-Directional Speed Models

Discover the importance of being able to assess from a model. Learn to recognize postures, positions, and mechanics. This will help you identify what, and if, correctives are needed to solidify the multi-directional speed pattern.

Boo Schexnayder


Louisiana State University / Schexnayder Athletic Consulting

Boo Schexnayder is regarded internationally as one of the leading authorities in training design. He, as co-founder of Schexnayder Athletic Consulting, brings 39 years of experience in the coaching and consulting fields to the organization. He recently returned to the LSU Track and Field coaching staff for a second stint, serving as throws coach in 2018 while coaching Jake Norris to a World U-20 Championship in the hammer throw. He is currently serving as the Strength coach for the Track and Field Program.

Talk: ACL Rehab and Return To Play Training

In this talk, Boo will be providing detailed insight to his approach to rehabilitation of ACL injuries and training for Return To Play for his athletes


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