Child To Champion – Speaker Focus: Ed Archer

Evolving Foundation Movement Skills: The Theory of the Pouncing Cat (60 minute Practical)

Tools for Developing Acceleration Skills in Young Athletes

In this practical Ed will share a progression of exercises; from floor-based challenges to explosive locomotor patterns.

This session will be a summary of the movements he has found to be most effective in coaching young athletes to develop good acceleration mechanics; improve starting speed and provide a coherent framework for lesson planning.

Speaker Bio

Ed has worked in professional Strength and Conditioning for 20 years. He has significant experience in a range of high performance settings, including Premiership Rugby and Formula 1.

For the past 10 years he has run a youth athlete development programme that in 2010 became the Athlete Academy.

He is a tutor and assessor for the UK Strength and Conditioning Association and is currently serving on the Board of Directors for the organisation. Ed is committed to increasing opportunities for young people to access accredited S&C Coaching.


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