Child To Champion – Speaker Focus: Kevin Paxton

Kevin Paxton

“Working through a continuum of progressions to challenge movement skill”

Through working in professional youth sport continually for the last 19 years Kevin has seen a huge variety of young athletes ranging in movement skill ability. By utilising a concept of progression of controlled change of direction drills moving into guided discovery style movement games he has found a formula for educating and linking specific physical drills to sport specific actions whilst having variation to stimulate the young inquisitive athlete, reinforce the growth spurt anxious athlete and challenge the older more developed athletes.

His session will focus on the group exploring the concept of:

1. Simple variation of a Change of Direction pattern drill through direction
2. Simple variation of a Change Of Direction pattern drill through repetition
3. Combination variations within a drill
4. Partner variations
5. Team variations

Attendees will be encouraged to participate irrelevant of fitness level as active participation is key to understanding the movement progressions and stimulating the coaches imagination and experiencing the concepts.


Kevin has worked in professional sports for over 18 years and is a BASES High Performance Sport Accredited Practitioner, BASES registered supervisor and reviewer, UKSCA accredited Strength & Conditioning Coach and NSCA course tutor. During his time in professional soccer and cricket he has studied extensively S & C and sport science practises worldwide using these experiences to consult for several international organisations including Nike, Scottish FA and delivered to universities and conferences nationally and internationally. His areas of specialism are firstly in classifying exercises in a progressive and regressive manner to target prioritising key areas of athletic development in cycles during the various stages of maturity. Secondly Kevin has been innovative in the use of physiological monitoring techniques to quantify and then classify the results to give a simplistic meaning for affecting the delivery of physical and technical training sessions to produce the desired individual specific responses within a team environment. Kevin possess well practised skills on developing individual player and squad relationships and fosters a low ego, collaborative personality combined with a dedication to continual professional development and strategic mind-set is a recipe for aligning to and developing any organisation he has been employed with to date.

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