#ChildToChampion: Ian Jeffreys’ Effective Movement In Sport Overview

Ian Jeffreys


#ChildToChampion – Ian Jeffreys – Effective Movement In Sport: What is it & How To Coach It.

Effective movement is a critical element of elite sports performance, allowing an athlete to maximize their technical and tactical capabilities. In S&C this capability is normally encapsulated in the terms speed and agility, but do these terms actually convey what an athlete needs to develop.

As our academic understanding of the fields have developed there is a danger that we miss the big picture and our practices become removed from the tasks an athlete has to perform in a sport. Adding further complexity is the complex nature of agility, with effective performance being steeped in multiple disciplines, with none able to fully explain agility performance.

This presentation will look at the challenges facing the development of effective agility, and how this needs to be viewed as a journey towards effective movement; a journey with a clear destination and facilitated by the delivery of effective practice at all stages.

For those of you that have had the pleasure of seeing Ian present, you will know this is going to be an unmissable presentation, crucially he is also delivering a practical component to give you plenty of movement training ideas to take home and use in your own coaching immediately! 

If you’d like to be there for Ian’s presentation along with the other top speakers you can book  using the ticketing system below and if you want more info you can see the full conference schedule here

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