We are excited to bring back our Future Leaders programme for our 2019 Child To Champion LTAD Conference which will be held on 27-28th July in Gloucestershire, UK.

At our flagship LTAD event we offer both up and coming and established practitioners the opportunity to put themselves forward to share their work alongside our World Class line up of presenters from the field of Strength & Conditioning.

Previous presenters have included: Shayne Murphy (Man City FC), Kevin Paxton (Leicester City FC), Tom Rusga (EIS), John Radnor (Cardiff Metropolitan Uni).

Successful applicants will be invited to enjoy the full weekend conference with us and will have 30 minutes to present during the weekend.

What we are looking for?

  • Coaches working at the coal face of Youth S&C/LTAD in schools/private facilities/academies/centres of excellence.
  • Researchers blazing a trail in adolescent populations to help us better understand our young athletes.

How to apply…

You can submit an application for yourself or nominate a colleague to present in the Future Leaders programme.

Just make sure you/they are available and prepared to present on the weekend of 27-28th July 2019.

  • Your name/Nominees Name
  • Career Bio
  • Proposed Talk Title
  • A Brief Overview of the Talk