Over the past 10 years James has been developing Long Term Athlete Development programmes to optimise the physical development young athletes in a range of settings including private sector training facilities, state and independent secondary schools and currently he is working for the world leading Aspire Academy in Doha, developing the next generation of Track & Field athletes for the State of Qatar.

In this section, you can access the newly developed Proformance LTAD Curriculum providing a 3-stage system for developing young athletes building them from the ground up with engaging content and systematic training progressions that can be applied in any setting (schools, professional sports clubs & private sector facilities) with some open space and the standard strength and conditioning equipment.

Flexible objective based system

Engaging content tried and tested with young athletes

Understanding Growth & Maturation

Strength & Power Development

Speed & Agility Development

Games Based Elements

Testing & Monitoring

Optimising Training for Large Groups