What is LTAD?

Long Term Athletic Development (LTAD) refers to the habitual development of athleticism over time to improve health and fitness, enhance physical performance, reduce the risk of injury and develop the confidence and competence of all youth and young athletes (R. S. Lloyd et al., 2016)

To produce young athletes with a high level of athleticism, a progressive curriculum that transports the developing athlete along a pathway towards high level in physical, technical-tactical, psychological and
lifestyle skills is required.

How will the LTAD Hub help?

Through the LTAD Hub our aim is to help Academies, Schools, Clubs and Private Gym owners build and develop their LTAD Pathways. Our coaches have years of experience developing Long Term Athletic Development programmes to optimise the physical development of young athletes in a range of settings including private sector training facilities, state and independent secondary schools and for National Centres of Excellence.

Within the website you can access the newly developed Proformance LTAD Pathway that will provide a progressive 3-stage curriculum for developing young athletes building them from the ground up with engaging content and systematic training progressions that can be applied in any setting (schools, professional sports academies & private sector facilities) with some open space and the standard strength and conditioning equipment.

In addition to that we have a Private Facebook Group to engage with other like minded professionals and our coaches to help you solve challenges that you face you begin to implement your athlete development pathway.

What’s covered?

First to launch is the Foundation Phase and it is fully accessible now with the Development and Performance Phases to follow early in 2020. In addition to the curriculum and programmes you also get access to the ‘Expert Insights’ section that includes 20+ hours of video from world leading practitioners and coaches in the field of LTAD.

Flexible objective based system

Engaging content tried and tested with young athletes

Understanding Growth & Maturation

Strength & Power Programmes

Speed & Agility Programmes

Games Based Elements

Testing & Monitoring

Optimising Training for Large Groups

Exercise Progression Videos

Exclusive access to lectures and practicals from our recent UK workshop – “An Integrated Approach to LTAD” delivered Dr. Mike Young & James Baker

20+ hours of video content from leading experts in Youth S&C

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Lloyd, R. S., Cronin, J. B., Faigenbaum, A. D., Haff, G., Howard, R., Kraemer, W. J., … Oliver, J. L. (2016). NSCA Position Statement on Long Term Athlete Development, 30(6), 1491–1509.

James Baker
Proformance S&C Director
Aspire Academy S&C Coach
UKSCA S&C Coach of The Year for Youth Sport 2017

mike young athletic lab

Dr. Mike Young
Proformance S&C Director
Owner Athletic Lab
Director of Performance NC Courage FC