Youth S&C Lecture Slides

Youth S&C Lecture Slides

Last week James headed out across the country to Fulham FC and Northumbria University to deliver a series of lectures and practical sessions looking at the application of Youth S&C within a secondary school setting.

You can check out the slides from the lecture which covered:

  • Current Issues in Youth Sport
  • Early Specialisation
  • PE Provision
  • Physical Literacy
  • The Physical Decline in Youth Populations
  • Current Youth S&C Research
  • Applying the research to build an LTAD System

Following the lecture the groups headed out on to the fantastic indoor track facility at Northumbria University to get practical for a Speed and Agility session that covered key areas for developing these components utilising Movement Games that are utilised in the Elite Performance Pathway system.

The practical included:

  • Underpinning Strength & Power Components
  • The PAL Paradigm – Posture, Arm Action & Leg Action
  • An integrated approach to the warm up
  • Acceleration basics
  • Movement Games to challenge specific movements – hip turn, directional step, lateral shuffle and cutting.

If you like the sound of the lecture and practical James will be delivering a similar theory and practical session at the Child To Champion conference in April. At present you can get access to the full weekend conference, pre-conference workshop and FREE access to all of last years videos courtesy of Train with PUSH through their Special Early Bird Ticket but there are only a few of these tickets remaining.