Athlete Monitoring

Following the article I posted on The Importance of Recovery I’ve been working on an athlete monitoring system to use with my athletes to track their wellness, nutrition and training load for various components of their training/playing schedule (calculated using Athlete’s session RPE x duration).

I’m sure there are mobile apps out there to monitor all of these variables but sometimes you can’t beat the simple pen & paper option!

I’ve seen & used a number of different diaries and templates in my time as an strength & conditioning coach but I thought it might be useful to plot everything on to a single chart to make it easier to identify patterns and links between the different areas.

In particular I wanted to be able to clearly highlight to athletes links between poor nutrition and inappropriately loaded training and their wellness scoring.

The wellness and training impulse (TRIMP) is a system I learnt whilst interning at Bristol Rugby under Tom McLaughlin (now Head of Physical Preparation at Connacht Rugby) it was a system he employed with great effect monitoring planned vs actual TRIMP scores.

I’ve adapted this system to include nutrition as some for some of the athletes I have worked with this is a problem area. I think it’s use could be combined with a regular jump test (e.g. drop jump, standing broad jump or vertical jump) that could be monitored over time to get an objective measure of their physical preparedness to undertake a specific training session when compared to their previous best jump recorded.

Below is the chart template  – this particular template was put together for a group of young tennis players – but I’d be interested to get feedback from anyone else. If anyone would like a copy of the excel/PDF files to try this out, you can download it.


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