High Performance Athletic Development Clinic – Updated Schedule


US High Performance Athletic Development Clinic @ Athletic Lab


Here at Proformance S&C we are committed to providing world class education giving you opportunities to learn, share and connect with leaders in the field of strength and conditioning to help you further your career.

After the phenomenal learning experience last weekend at ‪#‎ChildToChampion‬ in the UK. We are stepping up preparations for the next Proformance S&C Network event the High Performance Athletic Development Clinic out at Athletic Lab in Cary, NC, USA on the 28th & 29th May 2016.

We are extremely excited to be able to confirm the full list of presentations from the main presenters, with our “Future Leaders” programme presenters to be added shortly.

You can grab an early bird ticket here:…/

Day 1

8:00 Registration & Continental Breakfast sponsored by Hammer Strength
8:30-9:45 Boo Schexnayder: Critical Factors in Speed Training Design
9:45-10:45 Greg Gatz: Off Season Training is Really In-Season Part 2
10:45-11:15 Nick Newman (Athletic Lab): Assisted Jump Training
11:15-12:30 Mike Young: Neuromechanics of Speed Development
12:30-1:00 Chad Workman (UNC) Simple strategies for delivering a holistic program in the collegiate setting
1:00-1:45 Catered Lunch sponsored by EXCEL Training Designs
1:45-3:00 Boo Schexnayder: Advanced Uses of Circuit Training
3:00-4:00 Ryan Horn: Implementing Technology in Sport
4:00-5:00 Nate Brookreson: Monitoring Training for Team Sports
5:00-6:15 Boo Schexnayder: Compatible & Complimentary Training Design

Day 2

8:00 Continental Breakfast sponsored by Hammer Strength
8:30-9:45 Boo Schexnayder (SAC Speed): Plyometric Classification and Periodization
9:45-10:45 Bob Alejo (NCSU): Basics of Strength Training
10:45-11:45 Boo Schexnayder (SAC Speed): Teaching Schemes for Acceleration and Maximal Velocity Mechanics
11:45-12:15 John Grace (Athletic Lab): Monitoring on a Budget
12:15-1:15 Catered Lunch sponsored by Connor Sports
1:15-2:30 Boo Schexnayder (SAC Speed): Strength Training Periodization for Speed and Power Sports
2:30-3:00 Future Leaders- Steve Scruggs (USC) Eyes on the Stove | Managing the “Flame” of Speed and Strength Development
3:00-4:00 Mike Young (Athletic Lab): Developing Physical Capacities for Speed & Power

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Here’s what some of our attendees at the last Proformance S&C event had to say about their experiences:



FREE Pre-Conference Workshop: Velocity Based Training with Dr. Mike Young


Well just in case two days of learning from leaders in the field of strength and conditioning at our Child To Champion LTAD Conference wasn’t enough we’ve just confirmed an AWESOME pre-conference workshop on Velocity Based Training with Dr. Mike Young on Friday 8th April between 6pm-8pm.

Mike has adopted Velocity Based Training technology at his facility in the US ( so he can share with you his experiences on how to get the most out the technology we now have at our disposal.

The session will provide a unique opportunity to work with Mike in both a theory and hands-on practical setting where you will get to use VBT technology which will allow you to gain a deeper appreciation of how to effectively apply and use it with your athletes and teams.

Access to the pre-conference workshop is FREE to conference attendees, to take advantage of this exclusive offer you can check out the full line up and sign up here!

Future Leaders Programme


Future Leaders Programme


Over the last few months we’ve been working hard behind the scenes developing our education network as we try to build on the successes of last year’s programme of events.

We’ve spent quite a bit of time talking about and establishing a clear philosophy for the network and the events we’re going to run. Something that we were clear on very quickly is that we want it to be a network for coaches that are committed to sharing ideas.

From the events last year, it was clear that we had some super smart people sat in the audience from some of the leading sports organisations in the UK (England Rugby, Manchester City FC, Liverpool FC, EIS, WRU and the Scottish Rugby Union to name just a few) and some extremely sharp up and coming coaches too. I probably learnt almost as much from our attendees as I did from our presenters!

So whilst we are committed to providing opportunities for you to connect with and learn from leaders in the field of S&C from around the world, we also have developed a new element which we will be launching at our first live event of 2016 – The Future Leaders Programme.

What is the Future Leaders Programme?

The Future Leaders Programme is designed to provide members within our network an opportunity to raise their profile in the industry by providing them with a platform to showcase their current work in the field of strength and conditioning.

At our LTAD Conference on the 9th & 10th April which will be announced very shortly we have saved a slot in the programme for a ‘Future Leader’ to step up and present alongside our keynote presenters at the conference to showcase their current work. That line up currently includes Dr. Rhodri Lloyd, Dr. Ian Jeffreys and Dr. Mike Young.

We are now inviting applications from S&C coaches/researchers/lecturers that would like to be considered to present. To apply please contact James Baker by email on with the following details:

  • Your name
  • Current role & background in Strength & Conditioning (education, experience etc.)
  • Proposed area/topic to present – detailing what you will cover and how it would be delivered (theory or practical)

**The subject must relate to the theme of Long Term Athlete Development in line with the rest of the conference**

All applications will be reviewed and considered by our panel, and shortlisted applicants will be expected to present to the panel via Skype/Hangout as part of the final selection process.

The successful applicant will receive a full conference package including access to the evening VIP dinner, as well as having their presentation showcased through the Proformance S&C media channels.

If you have any further questions don’t hesitate to get in touch with us.







A sneak peak for this weekend…

Physical Preparation for Performance

We are all set! All the finishing touches have been applied and we can’t wait to get into the first of our workshop series running in 2015…

Here is a sneak peak for what the weekend ahead holds for those coaches enrolled with us for a weekend learning with Nick Grantham! Check it out!


Nick Grantham Workshops – Metabolic Conditioning

Nick Grantham Metabolic Conditioning

Nick Grantham Workshops:
Physical Preparation for Performance
21st Feb 2014


Today we are looking at what you can expect from each session during the Nick Grantham workshops in February

Session 3: Metabolic Conditioning – Modern Energy System Development

Get ready to shift your paradigm and embrace a more effective approach to metabolic conditioning. Discover why traditional periodisation may not be the most effective approach and how doing a complete 180 degree shift in thinking could boost performance.

Learn how to develop metabolic conditioning sessions using a variety of training modalities, including resistance training and HIIT training. Find out how to use density, pyramid and timed sets to maximise each training session and how to develop programmes to specifically target peripheral and central adaptations and deliver the results your clients are chasing.

A limited number of spaces are available at the Early Bird Price of £75 or get the weekend bundle including the 0.5 day Speed Clinic for only £100.


Nick Grantham Workshops – Art & Science of Coaching

Nick Grantham


Nick Grantham Workshops:
Physical Preparation for Performance
21st Feb 2014


Today we are looking at what you can expect from each session during the Nick Grantham workshops in February

Nick Grantham Workshops – Session 1: The Art and Science of Coaching – The Power of Engagement

Do you know how to get the best out of your athletes and clients?
In this session Nick will share with you decision training strategies that are far superior to traditional behavioural models. You will learn about the evolution of coaching and how to use language more effectively to establish triggers and coaching cues that will elevate your clients’ performances during training. It’s not what you know that is important, it’s making sure your message gets through.

A limited number of spaces are available at the Early Bird Price of £75 or get the weekend bundle including the 0.5 day Speed Clinic for only £100.