Mike Young #ChildToChampion Podcast

Mike Young #ChildToChampion Podcast


Yesterday I had the pleasure of chatting to Mike about his upcoming presentations at the Child To Champion conference on VBT, Best Practises for Speed Development across the Developmental Continuum and Advanced Strategies for Elite Strength & Power Development.

We recorded the chat so you can hear what you’ve got to look forward to seeing if you are attending the conference. There’s a bit of an echo on sound as we didn’t have the best connection via Skype last night, but hopefully you can enjoy it all the same.

If you haven’t signed up yet but want to see Mike deliver these talks live we still have a limited number of tickets available for you to attend the conference. Including just 2 at the discounted Early Bird rate which you can purchase below.

#ChildToChampion: Simon Brundish – Move Like A Superhero


Simon Brundish: Move like a Superhero

Without a doubt this is one of the presentations I am looking forward to most because, crucially, Simon is a guy who is out there coaching and  making a massive difference to primary school age children through his physical literacy programme that is running in over 20 schools.

His practical, real-world experience working with such an important age group will provide a brilliant insight to the challenges of working with kids in schools.

He will be presenting his progressive programme of movement skills, fundamental to the development of body control and movement efficiency, the times tables of movement. Giving children the tools to use in sports specific actions such as running, jumping, catching, kicking and throwing.

The programme has been developed from elite sports to provide a structured long term athletic development pathway for 5 year olds through to their pubescent years of physical development. Incorporating the works of one of our keynote speakers, Rhodri Lloyd and Kelvin Giles his system has been developed for use in both Primary schools and youth sports teams. We have 24 levels of 5 exercises, based around the push, pull, lunge, brace, rotate, squat, hinge patterns of Kelvin Giles system.

Simon uses the Superhero’s system to engage the children. each movement has 5 points of good technique each earning a star. The points are aggregated from each level giving the individual children a point average for each exercise, Hulk, Ironman, Spiderman, SilverSurfer and Thing. Their scores are plotted and monitored on a radar chart, looking for outliers to promote ‘gifted and talented’ or help under achievers.

Are you interested in seeing the full presentation at the conference? You can check out the full schedule (including a FREE Velocity Based Training workshop) and buy tickets here.