Child To Champion 2016 Online Videos

Back in April we ran the incredibly successful Child To Champion 2016 LTAD Conference which brought together some real leaders in the field of S&C to discuss all things related to the topic of Long Term Athlete Development. Speakers across the weekend presented their work from various stages of the developmental continuum right from primary & secondary schools through to professional academies and elite international sport.

Now you can catch up on a fantastic set of lectures from the conference from Mike Young (Athletic Lab/Proformance), Simon Brundish (UK Strength Lab), Tom Rusga (EIS), Kevin Paxton (Leicester City FC), Shayne Murphy (Manchester City FC), James Baker (St. Peter’s High School/Proformance) and Neill Potts (Scottish Rugby Union).

The video series is now available to purchase online here:

Below you can check out the trailer and what a few attendees had to say about the conference:

“Huge thanks to the Proformance team for collaborating leaders within long term athlete development. Child To Champion 2016 was exceptional CPD” – Tulshi Varsani

“Child To Champion 2016 conference did not disappoint! One of the best CPD events yet!” – Mark Read, Academy Conditioning Coach. Malmo FF, Sweden.

“Amazing weekend at the Child To Champion 2o16 Conference, lots of exciting stuff to put into play. Time to start the revolution” Ben Weaver.

Child To Champion 2016: LTAD Conference from Proformance Network on Vimeo.

We are busy working on pulling together the conference for 2017 be sure to keep an eye out for details of the conference in the coming months.

Child To Champion – What were we thinking?


Child To Champion – What were we thinking?

Now the title probably sounds like we think we’ve made some mistake launching this LTAD conference, far from it! But what we want to do is give you more of an insight into our thought processes as we assembled the line up to hopefully help you understand what you will get out from being part of it!

Our aim as an organization is to help coaches become better coaches to help them further their career by providing opportunities to learn, share and connect with leaders in the field of strength and conditioning. So we are always going to aim to bring in some heavy hitters from the industry!

When we started to plan the event it was initially going to be a youth strength and conditioning conference. So the initial discussions with Ian and Rhodri about getting them involved began back in June 2015 so it has been a long process to get to where we are now with a full line up scheduled.

The concept for the conference evolved as Mike and I spent more time considering the best way to approach the subject of LTAD. I think sometimes we can fall in to the trap of just focusing on where we are in the developmental journey, with few opportunities to maybe communicate with coaches who’ve been involved before us or who we will pass athletes on to afterwards.

From my experience working with young athletes and implementing a LTAD programme in a secondary school environment, I’ve always felt I needed to understand what the athlete had been exposed to from a physical development perspective and then what they were going to need to be able to do to be able to make the transition to the next stage up from us.

It was this thought process that drove us to the final concept for the conference where we decided we wanted to pull together presenters with experience working at different stages of the LTAD continuum from primary school aged kids right through to elite international athletes.

We want attendees who join us to leave with a complete picture of what has been successfully applied and delivered in the wide variety of environments in which we find athletes across their developmental journey including schools, professional clubs and international teams.

At a primary school age range we have Simon Brundish from UK Strength Lab providing an insight to his Physical Literacy programme with a superhero theme and a progressive movement system based around the work of Kelvin Giles and Rhodri Lloyd.

To cover the next age bracket up we have a number of presenters providing perspectives from different environments. I’ll be providing a presentation and practical based around Integrating S&C into Secondary Schools, with an insight to the LTAD system we have running from Year 7 to Year 13 at St. Peter’s High School.

Through our Future Leaders Programme: Kev Paxton and Shayne Murphy will be providing insight from the Premier League football academies from Leicester City FC and Manchester City respectively around age related performance benchmarking and injury occurrence around Peak Height Velocity. Along with Tom Rusga who works at the EIS with GB Hockey will be providing an insight to his work with there.

At the elite end of the spectrum we have Neill Potts and Mike Young bringing their experience working with the highest level athletes. Neill will be walking us through the challenges he was faced developing and implementing a system to produce International Rugby players for Scottish Rugby.

Whilst Mike is bringing his expertise in speed development to discuss best practices across the developmental continuum and also how to put the icing on the cake in the latter stages of the developmental continuum with advanced strategies for developing elite strength and power.

In addition to that we have another two world reknowned coaches, researchers and educators in Ian Jeffreys and Rhodri Lloyd. We are looking forward to Rhodri presenting some of his latest research on plyometric training for young athletes.

Ian will be presenting a theory and practical session on Effective Movement – what it is and how to coach it which will know doubt be superb with his passion and enthusiasm!

We hope you’ll agree with us that this is an exciting opportunity to take a journey across the developmental continuum with practitioners from a wide range of settings. We are really looking forward to the weekend and if you would like to be part of it you can book a ticket here.

At present there are a VERY limited number of Early Bird Tickets available – just 2 tickets remain at the time of writing this.