Mike Young #ChildToChampion Podcast

Mike Young #ChildToChampion Podcast


Yesterday I had the pleasure of chatting to Mike about his upcoming presentations at the Child To Champion conference on VBT, Best Practises for Speed Development across the Developmental Continuum and Advanced Strategies for Elite Strength & Power Development.

We recorded the chat so you can hear what you’ve got to look forward to seeing if you are attending the conference. There’s a bit of an echo on sound as we didn’t have the best connection via Skype last night, but hopefully you can enjoy it all the same.

If you haven’t signed up yet but want to see Mike deliver these talks live we still have a limited number of tickets available for you to attend the conference. Including just 2 at the discounted Early Bird rate which you can purchase below.

mike young athletic lab

Child To Champion: Dr. Mike Young’s Presentation Overviews

With the Child To Champion LTAD Conference fast approaching Dr. Mike Young has confirmed the details for his three presentations across the weekend. Having spent a lot of time with Mike last year during his workshop, talking about training and listening to his presentations and practicals I am really excited about this next set of presentations he is delivering. You can check out the overviews below:



Velocity Based Training Theory & Practical (Friday)

Recent developments in technology have permitted easier use of velocity based training methods. This has allowed us to add new metrics such as peak and average velocity and power outputs to our training and testing measurements. In this hands-on lecture, Dr. Young will present on the 4 primary benefits of using velocity based training and give practical applications to incorporate velocity based metrics in to your training and testing. He will discuss best practices for data management, training and testing logistics, and how to incorporate velocity based training in to training on a daily basis to monitor physical readiness and auto-regulate training.


Best Practices for Developing Speed Across  the Developmental Continuum (Saturday)

Speed is a critical component to practically every sport and you can never be too fast. In this lecture, Dr. Young will present on how to best develop speed across the developmental continuum from youth all the way up through elite and professional. The lecture will delve in to the neuromechanics of speed and how different physical capacities should have varying roles of importance over the course of an athlete’s long term speed development training. Dr. Young will pull from his experience of working with both developmental and elite athletes in individual (athletics, bobsleigh) and team (soccer, rugby, American football) settings.


Advanced Techniques for Developing Elite Strength & Power (Sunday)

This presentation will focus on advanced means and methods to help your athletes reach their full potential. The lecture will cater to athletes on the more advanced and mature side of the LTAD continuum who are looking for the final pieces of the training puzzle to reach the next step in performance. Dr. Young will provide examples and techniques he has used with his elite athletes to maximize strength and power.

If you haven’t booked your ticket to the conference yet, don’t miss out on the early bird ticket price of just £185 per person, as those tickets are quickly running out. You can check out the full line up of speakers and grab a ticket here. or book using the ticketing system below

For a taster of the level of expertise you can expect from Dr. Mike Young at the conference you can also check out this trailer from his weekend workshop with us last year…

Mike Young – An Integrated Approach to Speed & Power Development

mike young athletic lab

Mike Young – An Integrated Approach to Speed & Power Development

Be part of a unique & exclusive event that sees world renowned fitness coach Mike Young deliver his first UK workshop over two days with Proformance Strength & Conditioning at Hartpury College.

Mike will be walking you through his integrated approach to developing speed and power with his athletes.

Workshop 1: An Integrated Science Based Approach to Speed Development 

  1. Fundamental concepts of speed (90 min lecture)
  2. Motor learning based drills, cues and strategies for a powerful acceleration
  3. Motor learning based drills, cues and strategies for maximizing top end speed
  4. Fundamental concepts for enhancing deceleration, change of direction and agility (60 min lecture)
  5. Drills & skills for deceleration and stopping efficiently
  6. Learning to change direction at speed
  7. Considerations for developing sport appropriate speed, reaction and change of direction training
Workshop 2: Building a Bigger Engine for Speed and Power
  1. Fundamental considerations for strength & conditioning for athletes (60 minute lecture)
  2. Squat, press, pull teaching progressions
  3. Olympic lifting teaching progressions
  4. Understanding the role of strength and power development for speed (45 minute lecture)
  5. Special and specific strength methods to enhance accelerative power
  6. Plyometric methods to enhance low end power for acceleration
  7. Specific exercises and methods to enhance eccentric power for top speed
  8. Plyometric methods to enhance leg stiffness for top speed
  9. Modifying olympic lift movements for speed development
  10. Specific plyometric exercises to enhance accelerative and lateral power
  11. Using complexes to enhance neuromuscular stimulus
  12. Designing the session (could be lecture or workshop style)

This really is an unmissable event for any S&C coaches working in Europe.

A rare opportunity to learn from a world leader when it comes to power and speed development. 

If that’s not enough… check out the VIP package which includes access to the VIP dinner on the evening of Saturday 30th May with Mike Young and the other VIP coaches which will offer your an incredible learning and networking opportunity (venue TBC).

We look forward to seeing you in May!


If you’ve not seen any of Mike’s phenomenal slideshares check out the links below: