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Athletic Profiling

Our athletic profiling is at the centre of our training system and helps us identify exactly what you need to make you the fittest, fastest and strongest athlete possible. This session is carried out on a one-to-one basis during which we will complete the following:

  • In-depth goal setting
  • Discussion of your training history
  • Movement screening
  • Acceleration test
  • Maximum speed test
  • Agility test
  • Power tests – Squat Jump & Counter Movement Jump
  • Maximum Aerobic Speed Test

This session helps to clearly identify what you want to achieve and to establish your current level of movement capability, health and fitness. We will refer back to information gathered during this session to monitor your progress towards your goals and design a programme that is specific to the needs highlighted from your test results.

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Your Training – making you fitter, faster & stronger.

We build a personalised strength & conditioning programme from the information gathered from the Athletic Profiling session. The results will identify specifically what areas of your fitness need to be address to make you fitter, faster and stronger than you have ever been before.

Our coaching team utilise our tried and trusted training system to enhance your performance incorporating a range of training methods including:

  • Maximum Strength Training
  • Plyometrics
  • Acceleration Training
  • Maximum Speed Training
  • Multi-directional Speed & Agility
  • Maximum Aerobic Speed (MAS) Interval Training
  • Olympic Lifting

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Maintaining momentum

We’ll be on the case adapting your programme every four – six weeks to add variety, reduce boredom and, most importantly, ensure your continued development.

We’ll issue you with your very own training manual that you can review in between sessions. As well as recording your training plans the manual is packed full of nutritional advice and support to help you maintain your health and fitness goals for the long-term.

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