5 lessons learnt from the top!


Having had the pleasure of spending a good chunk of time chatting to and observing 3 coaches of the highest order – Nick Grantham (@coachnickg), Mike Young (@mikeyoung) and Ian Jeffreys – over the last few months I’ve picked out 5 things/characteristics they all shared:

1) They do basics extremely well, consistently over time and don’t over complicate programmes.

2) They have an incredible understanding of human performance & movement but understand the difference between what they need to know and what their athletes need to know to get better. They don’t confuse athletes by communicating too much high level info or over coaching. In the words of Nick Grantham “Don’t be a fridge” – the fridge makes noise constantly but no one hears it.

3) All 3 of these guys showed everyone at the workshops an incredible willingness to share all of their knowledge to help other people grow & learn. But the message was clear – to become a great coach you have to be out there APPLYING what you have learnt in workshops, forums, books and journals not just sat in an office/uni learning centre reading them.

4) “Don’t shoot a bullet until you need to” a bit of coaching gold from Mike Young – you might read about or learn a load of new stuff on a workshop. Particularly on Mike’s Strength & Power workshop he demonstrated some squat variations I’d not seen before – Rhythm Squats, 3 step squats – it’s important to understand when is actually the right time to incorporate different elements and if they are still responding to basic training, save that variation until you really need it!

5) Whatever environment you work in a private facility, professional sport a school it is absolutely critical that you get buy in from the other coaches, athletes and teachers, who ever your boss is. Without their buy in that amazing programme is worthless. To get this it is essential to start looking at this from the other person’s point of view – what benefits do they want to see and put it in terms they understand and appreciate. Chances are they won’t care about you telling them you can increase their 1RM by 20%, but they will care if you tell them you can make them/their athletes jump higher on the pitch increasing their likelihood of success on the pitch.

These were just a few from an absolute ton of coaching gold that these guys brought to share over the course of the time they were with us, and a massive thank you to them for their willingness to help other coaches get better.

We we are currently working on putting together some new workshops  for  later in the year and early 2016. For those of you who want to engage in more coaching discussions we have also launched a new online forum for any coaches to join that want to have the opportunity to discuss and share ideas they’ve learnt either at our workshops or in their everyday practise.

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