Nick Grantham Workshops – Art & Science of Coaching

Nick Grantham


Nick Grantham Workshops:
Physical Preparation for Performance
21st Feb 2014


Today we are looking at what you can expect from each session during the Nick Grantham workshops in February

Nick Grantham Workshops – Session 1: The Art and Science of Coaching – The Power of Engagement

Do you know how to get the best out of your athletes and clients?
In this session Nick will share with you decision training strategies that are far superior to traditional behavioural models. You will learn about the evolution of coaching and how to use language more effectively to establish triggers and coaching cues that will elevate your clients’ performances during training. It’s not what you know that is important, it’s making sure your message gets through.

A limited number of spaces are available at the Early Bird Price of £75 or get the weekend bundle including the 0.5 day Speed Clinic for only £100.