Nick Grantham Workshops – Metabolic Conditioning

Nick Grantham Metabolic Conditioning

Nick Grantham Workshops:
Physical Preparation for Performance
21st Feb 2014


Today we are looking at what you can expect from each session during the Nick Grantham workshops in February

Session 3: Metabolic Conditioning – Modern Energy System Development

Get ready to shift your paradigm and embrace a more effective approach to metabolic conditioning. Discover why traditional periodisation may not be the most effective approach and how doing a complete 180 degree shift in thinking could boost performance.

Learn how to develop metabolic conditioning sessions using a variety of training modalities, including resistance training and HIIT training. Find out how to use density, pyramid and timed sets to maximise each training session and how to develop programmes to specifically target peripheral and central adaptations and deliver the results your clients are chasing.

A limited number of spaces are available at the Early Bird Price of £75 or get the weekend bundle including the 0.5 day Speed Clinic for only £100.


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